Single Cookie Box


We invite you to pause, take a breath, and celebrate all of your accomplishments with a delicious box of cookies. A single cookie box is a great to try out our cookies or send as a gift to someone else! Choose from our seasonal flavours and our available delivery dates so you can get a tasty treat delivered right to your door. Deliveries on the 2nd Friday of the month, or 4th Wednesday of the month are to York Region, Bradford, and Uxbridge. On the 3rd Friday we deliver to our Toronto pick up location, at Make Lemonade, located at 326 Adelaide Street West, Floor 6. Or have your cookie shipped to you throughout Ontario.

Select Your Flavours

Are there any allergies we should be aware of?

Such as your buzzer code, concierge’s name, or a private place we can leave the box if you aren’t going to be home when we deliver.

Are there any allergies we should be aware of?