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Felicity Tse

Felicity Tse

Our Spring 2022 featured artist is Felicity Tse. 

Felicity started drawing when she was very young. Both of her parents are Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong and both studied and worked in the creative field, so you can say they passed their creative genes onto her. Felicity’s father used to teach art classes in their house, and as a family, they used to go to Main Street Unionville so her dad could sketch the people and buildings. She didn’t think that she could take art further than a hobby, until her sister applied for a program called CyberARTS offered at Don Mills CI, and she thought she’d apply too. They both got accepted, and she ended up graduating and went to York University to study Visual Arts.

Creating work for herself allowed her to explore topics related to larger social issues (like the Black Lives Matter movement and the rise in Anti-Asian hate during the pandemic), and doodling cute food and animals just to loosen up. To Felicity, drawing is a great outlet to work out personal thoughts and conflict, or if she just need to unwind after a day of work and felt like drawing a cute face on a fruit. 

Find more about Felicity on Etsy.com, her website at www.felicitytse.com or instagram @felicitytsee!

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