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We’ve paired up with local artists to bring you custom insert cards for every season. We are delighted to share their talent and creativity with every order you receive.

Mekayla Dionne

Mekayla Dionne, artist

Our Summer 2021 featured artist is Mekayla Dionne.   

Mekayla Dionne is an emerging Métis abstract painter. She was born in 1997 and spent her childhood in a small rural town in Ontario. 

After graduating high-school she moved to Toronto to attend the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) University and obtained a Bachelors of Fine Art in Drawing & Painting. Throughout her years in University she developed an interest in abstract art, drawing inspiration from the world around her including nature, music, and the city.

Post-graduation she immediately began working as an Art Teacher and Program Manager at a local non-profit called Art City which offers free art classes to children and youth in St. James Town, Toronto.

Mekayla has continued to develop her professional practice and has participated in a variety of exhibitions, publications, and collaborations since graduating. 

Find more about Mekayla on her website, or instagram @mekayladionne!

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