Featured artists

Pairing delicious flavours with
beautiful design.

We’ve paired up with local artists to bring you custom insert cards for every season. We are delighted to share their talent and creativity with every order you receive.


Erika Flores

Our Spring 2021 featured artist is Erika Flores.   

Erika Flores (she/her) is a Filipinx Toronto-based illustrator and calligrapher with a modern and minimalistic style for small businesses, events, and the Thoughtful Individual who wants that unique, personal touch. With no formal training, she is completely self-taught in her art. You’ll know her for her signature line art, sunset colour palettes, and nostalgic, romantic lettering style.

With art, Erika’s goal is to empower people to tell their stories creatively through her small business and Etsy shop, INKSCRPT.

Erika loves travelling, music, fitness and sports – but most importantly, her favourite snack – cookies. Her go-to’s are the classic chocolate chip or salted caramel/toffee flavours!

Find more about Erika on Etsy or at @INKSCRPT!

Past artists

Winter Thank You Card

Winter 2020/2021: Viviana Cardoso

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Thank you postcard for Fall 2020 by Tiffany Dang

Fall 2020: Tiffany Dang

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