Cookie boxes

A moment of celebration
in the form of a cookie.

A delicious box of fresh-baked cookies just for you. Pick from our seasonal flavours to build a box that will have you celebrating.

We invite you to pause, take a breath, and soak in your accomplishments with our cookie box, or gift someone else a moment like this.

Our spring flavours

(Now until May)


Blueberry Crumble Cookie

Oatmeal Raisin

Crispy on the outside, soft in the centre, with just a hint of cinnamon and packed with raisins.
Confetti Cookie

Confetti Sprinkle

A fan favourite here. Our soft vanilla sugar cookie with tons of colourful sprinkles.
Chocolate Chip Cookie

The 2 Chip

Our only cookie that remains on our menu year round is our chocolate chip filled with both milk and dark chocolate chips.

Mini Egg

Mini Egg

Similar to our chocolate chip but packed with the Cadbury favourite at this time of year.

I have had the pleasure of being able to enjoy a variety of products from Michelle at The Little Red Bake Shop. I have enjoyed and shared (which is not always easy to do with cookies) Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip, Lemon White Chocolate and Sugar Cookies. In all the dozens I have consumed, I have not once been disappointed. There is something to be said when a dozen cookies barely lasts 48 hours…

Luca G.

Michelle Baking

Meet the baker

Hello! My name is Michelle and baking is my passion! I started baking as a kid with my family. For us, it was all about family time and sharing the recipes that have been passed down through generations. When I went off to university, baking was my way of being close to my family while being apart, and as time went on, it became all I wanted to do!

Frequently asked questions

Can I customize my deliveries?

With all of our deliveries you get to pick which flavours are in your box, when you want it to be delivered, and where in our delivery area you would like it to be delivered to.

Need to change something about your order after it has gone through? Just contact us and we will happily help you out!

Can I change my flavour picks?

Certainly! If you would like to change the flavours of the cookies in your order, please let us know no later than 48 hours before your pickup/delivery date. Due to the volume of orders, we regret that changes made after this time may not be accommodated.

What if I am not home when you deliver?

If you know that you will not be home on your selected delivery day, please indicate in your delivery instructions where you would like your box left. We will leave it in your specified drop off spot.

Please consider the weather when thinking of your designated drop off spot. During snowy or rainy weather, we recommend putting out a bin for us to put your cookie box in to keep them dry. 

We ask that if you are in an apartment building and are requesting we leave it with the concierge that you ensure food can be left with them.If we are unable to deliver your box, it will be expected that you will pick it up from our storefront, or another delivery date can be scheduled for an additional fee.

How do I update my delivery address?

If you would like to update a delivery address after your order has been placed, please email us with the correct address. 

If you have moved and need to change the address on your account for future orders, please scroll to the bottom of our website and click on “Account”. You can change any of your saved person information on there. 

What are your delivery days and where do you deliver?

We deliver on the 2nd Friday,  the 4th Wednesday of every month to Aurora, Newmarket, East Gwillimbury and Georgina only.

We also ship our cookies Ontario Wide. Cookies are shipped out every week on Wednesday and Thursday with the hope that they will arrive by Friday latest.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

We are continuously working on finding more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for our packaging. We are currently using recyclable paper boxes lined with biodegradable natural parchment paper for our cookie boxes.

We are using recycled paper for our postcards and recyclable paper bags for all of our deliveries.

We now have a Bring Your Own Container (BYOC) program for pickups in store! Help us reduce waste by bringing in your biggest tupperware and we will fill your order in that!

For our subscribers, we are looking into a reusable container, though we have not yet launched this program.

If you have a suggestion, we want to hear it! Please send us an email.

How long will my cookies be fresh for?

All of our cookies will last approximately 5 days in our paper boxes. To lengthen their freshness, place them in an airtight container and keep them at room temperature for approximately 10 days (if you don’t eat them all before then!). However, our fresh fruit cookies must be kept in our paper boxes for them to stay fresh. A tupperware or bag causes too much humidity for the fruit and the cookies will go bad faster. 

Our cookies can also be frozen. Just wrap them and place them in an airtight container in the freezer. When you are ready to have them, enjoy them cold or heat them briefly in the microwave for a gooey, warm from the oven texture.

Want some more ideas for ways to enjoy your cookies? Join our newsletter for easy ideas to make your cookies even more delicious. (Did someone say Ice Cream Sandwiches?!)

What are your sanitation practices? Do you use a health inspected kitchen?

Your safety is our number one concern — well, that and deliciousness, of course! We care about your health and wellbeing like you’re a part of our family.

We do all of our baking in a commercial, health inspected kitchen. 

We follow York Region Public Health’s guidelines and YorkSafe. We ensure that our Food Handlers Certificate is always up to date.

Currently, we are also following all recommended protocols for COVID-19, including closing the bakery if we are sick. We have increased the frequency of our already rigorous hand washing procedures as well. All surfaces our products, boxes and bags come into contact with are thoroughly cleaned before, during, and after our cookie production.

 Our staff also frequently use COVID Rapid Tests to ensure we are all healthy and ready to serve you. 

I have allergies, am I okay to eat your cookies?

We love baking for you, but we do not bake in an allergen-free kitchen. While we do rigorously clean all of our equipment frequently, we cannot guarantee our kitchen is free of any of the major allergens. All of our cookies contain wheat, dairy, and eggs. Most of our cookies do not contain ingredients with any may contain nut warnings, however, we are not a nut free facility. 

If you have allergies, we ask that you use your own discretion when ordering and to disclose any allergies or sensitivities when you order. Feel free to call or email us with your questions.

These cookies were perfect for me to send to people who are important and I’m not able to see in person. A little surprise to let the person know I appreciate, thinking of or miss them. The person receiving is usually shocked and loves the cookies. I mean who doesn’t love cookies! I love the strawberry shortcake, so fragrant and delicious!

Shirley Z.