Our story

Sharing love, connection, and family
one cookie at a time.

My journey in baking began when I was just a kid — too young to even remember an exact moment.

It started with family, a set of ceramic mixing bowls, my grandmothers’ recipes, and a burnt orange Tupperware container (which every baked good we ever made went into).

Made with love

My passion for baking stems from all of those memories in my parents’ kitchen with my siblings by my side, because they were moments of love.

Baked goods have the ability to spread joy, love, and care to others, and that is my intention for you.

When you order a box of cookies from us, we are inviting you to schedule in some down time with the people you appreciate. We invite you to make it a moment of celebration, comfort, and joy. Share our cookies with the ones you love and reconnect with those you have been distant from.

Take some time to revel in your accomplishments, both big and small, and the accomplishments of those around you. This is your invitation to slow down and soak in a moment. Let our cookies transport you back to your favourite memory in the kitchen or a cookie tradition you once loved.

We are inviting you to share in our family traditions and seize the power a cookie can have in a moment.

Michelle Baking

A family tradition

For as long as I can remember, baking was a part of our family life.

On a Saturday morning, me and my siblings would crowd around the kitchen counter to help our mom make a fresh batch of blueberry muffins. A batch of chocolate chip cookies would only last a day between us three kids and the biggest cookie monster of all, my dad. I don’t think we ever made a single batch of anything — it was always at least doubled.

As much my mom loved to bake for us, she loved to bake for our family friends. “Are we allowed to eat these or are you giving them to other people,” was a common phrase at our house. We were known for our goodies throughout our family and friends (it was always our job to bring the dessert to any family function or community pot luck).

As a kid, it was torture to see all that delicious food going to other people instead of just being able to eat it all, but as I got older, these events meant more time in the kitchen baking with mom.

Now, when my in-laws and friends ask me to bring the dessert to an event, I am transported back to those family traditions and moments I loved to share.

Decorating Cookies

The best ingredients

At The Little Red Bake Shop, we pride ourselves on using real, good quality ingredients with no unnecessary add-ins.

We believe that highlighting ingredients at their purest and natural form will create amazing baked goods. When there is fruit in our cookies, it is real fruit! When there is vanilla in our cookies, it is pure vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste, not an artificial extract.

We want to elevate the ingredients we use in our cookies, instead of just using the ingredients to make a batch of cookies.